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The DMPTuuli tool is provided by the Finnish Tuuli-project and by the Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT). DMPTuuli's primary constituency is the Finnish research community, particularly the higher and further education sector. DMPTuuli is based on the DMPonline tool developed by the UK's Digital Curation Centre ('DCC'). The system is hosted on servers located in the UK.

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Your personal details

In order to help identify and administer your account with DMPTuuli, we need to store your email address. We may also use it to contact you to obtain feedback on your use of the tool, or to inform you of the latest developments or releases. We will not sell, rent or trade any personal information you provide to us.

Privacy policy

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Telephone: +358 (0) 2941 911
Mari Elisa Kuusniemi
Helsinki University Library
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Source of information

The information collected is created by the users of the DMPTuuli database.

Disclosure of information

The information a user enters into this system can be seen by the user, the people the user has chosen to share access with, and - solely for the purposes of maintaining the service - system administrators at the University of Edinburgh and the Helsinki University Library. Administrators compile anonymized, automated and aggregated information from plans, but they will not directly access, make use of, or share a user's content with anyone else without the user's permission.

Authorized officers of a user's home institution may access the metadata of data management plans. Metadata includes: Plan name, ID, Grant number, Principal Investigator/Researcher, Principal Investigator/Researcher ID, Plan Data Contact, Description.

Name of the registry

DMPTuuli database

The Basis for Maintaining the Register

The data will be generated by the users.

The register is maintained in order to manage information about the users and data management plans created by them. The information about the users is needed to manage user accounts and give access to the tool (DMPTuuli).

The University of Edinburgh holds plans created by users on users' behalf, but they are users' property and responsibility.

Data types in the registry

During registration users give information about:

  • - Email
  • - Organization
  • - First name
  • - Last name
  • - ORCID number

When writing a DMP users give information about:

  • - Plan name
  • - ORCID number
  • - Grant number
  • - Principal Investigator/Researcher
  • - Principal Investigator/Researcher ID
  • - Plan data contact
  • - Data management plan

The principles of data protection

Data transmitted along information networks are encrypted by means of SSL technology. A register generated from data of users and data management plans for a server is thereby protected.

The passwords are stored in encrypted form and cannot be retrieved. If forgotten the password has to be reset.

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